Canadians please sign petition (closed)

Petition to ban shipping of horses overseas from Canada for slaughter The British Columbia SPCA, Canada PETITION IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU EVERYONE. Thousands of live horses are exported each year from Canadian cities (Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg) to Japan, where they are slaughtered for a luxury item, raw horsemeat basashi. It has been over… Continue reading Canadians please sign petition (closed)

The horsemeat scandal and American horses

Meat in grinder. By Danielle Scott.

Do you remember the horse meat scandal of 2013? I don't think saying it sent shockwaves around the world is much of an overstatement. Horsemeat masquerading as beef! But should it have been, really? Accurate and reliable food labeling has long, long been a problem in many countries. Findus was front and center of many… Continue reading The horsemeat scandal and American horses

Talking points about horse slaughter

It isn't right to assume that everyone has heard about horse slaughter and why it exists. We have been working against it for so many years, we sometimes forget that. So let's look at some talking points about the slaughter of horses for human consumption, with particular ones relevant to H.R.961/S.2006 (the "SAFE Act of… Continue reading Talking points about horse slaughter

Why does horse slaughter exist and what are we doing about it?

Horse Meat. Reuters. Via Fox News.

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — Why does horse slaughter exist? Horse slaughter exists because of the demand for horsemeat. It is important that we understand this fact — horse slaughter is driven by the consumer. Eliminate the consumption of horse meat and you eliminate horse slaughter. The fact that horse slaughter is consumer driven is… Continue reading Why does horse slaughter exist and what are we doing about it?

What we say to the Joint AVMA-CVMA-FedMVZ Statement on Horse Slaughter

Perhaps predictably, and certainly not surprisingly, the veterinary associations of the U.S., Mexico and Canada have joined together in issuing a statement on horse slaughter that in so many words still support it. Here's what they say: Veterinarians believe horse owners have a responsibility to provide humane care for their horses throughout their horses’ lives.… Continue reading What we say to the Joint AVMA-CVMA-FedMVZ Statement on Horse Slaughter

Greenland NH boy fights for horses

Declan Gregg. Source Image.

GREENLAND, NH — Feb. 12, 2012) A shy, soft-spoken local boy is raising his voice to tell his representatives in Concord and Washington that horse slaughter is cruel and inhumane. Nine-year-old Declan Gregg has already testified in front of the N.H. House Environment and Agriculture Committee and next month will travel with his mother, Stacie… Continue reading Greenland NH boy fights for horses

USDA threatened with suit if Court Order not followed before horse slaughter resumes

Horses tagged by the USDA for slaughter for human consumption.

HSUS PRESS RELEASE (Feb. 3, 2012) -- The Humane Society of the United States cautioned the U.S. Department of Agriculture in a letter that the agency must comply with a 2007 ruling from the D.C. District Court prior to resuming the inspection of horse slaughter facilities—a crucial matter because such inspections could open the way… Continue reading USDA threatened with suit if Court Order not followed before horse slaughter resumes

N. Dakota traffic get an eyeful of horsemeat

North Dakotans are getting an eyeful of horsemeat on a billboard courtesy of the North Dakota Anti-Horse Slaughter Coalition and Animal Rescue Unit. The sign is in Bismark at Expressway and S. Washington where it is viewable by drivers travelling six lanes of highway coming from all four directions. The image has pointers to the… Continue reading N. Dakota traffic get an eyeful of horsemeat