Rescue Me: HorseNet Horse Rescue (Md)

By: CHASTITY WEESE Edited by: Felicia Ford Meet Elle Williams, the Executive Director of HorseNet Horse Rescue. Elle’s goal for her horse rescue organization is to provide a safety net for horses and give them a home they can always return to. Elle started her rescue for the precise reason of seeing too many good… Continue reading Rescue Me: HorseNet Horse Rescue (Md)

Leaning into the afternoon (Bohdi)

Leaning into the afternoons I cast my sad nets toward your oceanic eyes There in the highest blaze my solitude lengthens and flames, its arms turning like a drowning man's. I send out red signals across your absent eyes that move like the sea near a lighthouse You keep only darkness, my distant (Bodhi), from… Continue reading Leaning into the afternoon (Bohdi)