Memorial Day 2022

More than 8 million horses, mules and donkeys died in World War I alone. These rugged animals transported ammunition and supplies over landscapes that vehicles could not navigate. And they suffered the same fate as the human warriors, dying from shellfire, weather, chemical gas, or disease. First World War: 7,000 horses died in one day… Continue reading Memorial Day 2022

Equestrians race to save horses abandoned in Ukraine warzones

YAHOO! NEWS via REUTERS, Joseph Campbell reporting, 1st Apr. 2022: When bombs began to fall as Russian forces poured into Ukraine in late February, thousands of people fled for safety, leaving their homes and property behind. Those who could often took beloved pets with them. It wasn't so easy for horse owners, though, who faced… Continue reading Equestrians race to save horses abandoned in Ukraine warzones

Memorial Day 2020

Civil War Horse Monument.

This Memorial Day we seem to be living in very different world than the one we have grown accustomed to. What is that old saying? "This too shall pass?" And no doubt it will, but it never seems that way when you are caught up in the middle of strange and frightening times. Yet, imagine… Continue reading Memorial Day 2020

Spielberg movie War Horse coming soon

-------- OPENING IN CINEMAS: 12th Jan 2012 Spielberg directed war-drama, based on a children's novel, about a young fellow who sets out on a journey to rescue his horse from the battlefields of World War I. Albert's (newcomer Jeremy Irvine) pet horse Joey is sold to the calvary at the outbreak of the first World… Continue reading Spielberg movie War Horse coming soon

Sgt. Reckless: A Great American Hero

Real life war horse Sgt Reckless was made SSgt twice by the Marines.

Here is a video about a warrior you may never have heard about. Sgt. Reckless was a Korean War veteran of a different kind. She was a Marine with the 5th Marines Recoilless Rifle Co. SSgt. Reckless was wounded twice in action and went through some of the toughest campaigns of that war. Reckless was… Continue reading Sgt. Reckless: A Great American Hero

Remembering old war horses

Cross-posted from ABC Gippsland Written by CATHERINE McALOON Bernie Dingle is a history buff, has a natural affinity with horses and a personal link to the First World War, hardly a surprise then that he has established a Lighthorse Museum to remember the men, women and horses that served Australia in wartime. "It's something that… Continue reading Remembering old war horses

Fight for head of Old Baldy over

Well, we hear very little these days about the horses who fought and gave their lives by the millions in the Civil War. Is there a monument to them? If there is, we don't know about it, and please give us (ahem) a head's up, if there is please. We are not sure why these… Continue reading Fight for head of Old Baldy over

Remembering the Horses of War

A Special Memorial Day Report By VIVIAN GRANT Following the end of the Civil War, many communities set aside a day to mark the end of the war and as a memorial to those who died. It is estimated that 1.5 million horses died in the Civil War. Not included formally, but most certainly in… Continue reading Remembering the Horses of War