Opinion: Why hasn’t Canada stopped horses from being shipped to slaughter overseas?

It is nearly 2023. So . . . ? Came across this Opinion piece entitled, "Canada needs to stop live exports for overseas slaughter", published by the Daily Hive, dated 16 December 2022. It was written for the Daily Hive by Chantelle Archambault of the Vancouver Humane Society. Ms Archbault tell us: Sunday night on the cold… Continue reading Opinion: Why hasn’t Canada stopped horses from being shipped to slaughter overseas?

Europol and Spain lead horse meat fraud investigation

FOOD SAFETY NETWORK (FSN) reports: December 2, 2022 EUROPEAN authorities have uncovered a network that sold potentially dangerous horse meat in at least four countries. The operation was coordinated by Europol and the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil). A video can be seen here. Operation Yucatán targeted the sale of horse meat unsuitable for consumption. The meat… Continue reading Europol and Spain lead horse meat fraud investigation

Horse slaughter ban hits D.C. speed bump

The SAFE Act stalled in a Congressional committee earlier last week, which means horses are still not safe from entering the slaughter pipeline. Slaughter for human consumption. Why do we continue supplying people with meat from our horses when a reportedly eight out of 10 Americans oppose it? "The reality of horse slaughter is horrific… Continue reading Horse slaughter ban hits D.C. speed bump

To eat or not to eat horse meat

Butchering of a horse in Catania. Horse meat is ugly.

Horse slaughter is a brutal and terrifying death and exists to supply the human demand for horse meat and make a profit from it, and for no other reason. Should people be eating their meat? Who eats it In an article defending and promoting the human consumption of horse meat, AG Daily recently wrote: “The… Continue reading To eat or not to eat horse meat

US horse slaughter export numbers for 2001-2021

Here is an updated list of the number of American horses sent for slaughter in Canada and Mexico to include 2021 and according to country. From 2001 to 2021, the US sent more than 1.6 million of its horses across its borders to be killed for their meat. Horse Slaughter Export Numbers 2001—2021 YearUS to… Continue reading US horse slaughter export numbers for 2001-2021

New York remains thoroughfare for horses trucked to Canadian slaughterhouse

The Times Union | Rebekah F. Ward | March 2022 Rebeka Ward writes: SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. — The footage of Tender Boy appeared on TikTok in late December. Posted by a rescue group, the video showed the New York thoroughbred with bloodied hindquarters and ribs visible through his emaciated flanks as he hobbled in front of a “kill pen”… Continue reading New York remains thoroughfare for horses trucked to Canadian slaughterhouse

Claude Bouvry dead

SIGN PETITION » Here is an excerpt from Claude Bouvry's Obituary: Claude Bouvry beloved husband of Louise Bouvry (Poirier) passed away on Thursday, March 17, 2022, at the age of 71 years. Claude was born in 1951 on his family’s farm in France, where his parents grain farmed and raised cattle. He moved to Canada… Continue reading Claude Bouvry dead

From 2001 to 2020 the U.S. exported close to 2 million horses for slaughter

According to government records from 2001 to 2020, the United States sent 1,620,192 of its horses to Mexico and Canada for slaughter for human consumption. U.S. Horse Slaughter Export Numbers 2001 to 2020 YEARNUMBER202035,572201964,433201881,294201779,5622016108,4202015125,6082014145,7852013144,6562012166,5722011127,5252010106,665200998,503200898,963200778,061200632,789200525,145200423,839200322,252200225,993200128,735TOTAL1,620,192Source: National Agricultural Statistics Service/USDA and Statistics Canada You will notice the number of slaughter bound horses to Mexico and Canada began to increase… Continue reading From 2001 to 2020 the U.S. exported close to 2 million horses for slaughter

Horse meat and who eats it

Ground horse meat. Source: TheTakeout.com.

For much of humanity's early existence, man hunted wild horses as a source of protein. Today, horse meat forms a significant part of the culinary traditions of many countries, particularly in Europe and Asia. Horses slaughtered for human consumption are processed in a similar fashion to cattle, i.e., in large-scale factory slaughterhouses (abattoirs) where they are stunned with a captive bolt gun and bled to death. In countries with a less… Continue reading Horse meat and who eats it

Five crime gang arrests over unfit horse meat entering food chain

Horses nuzzle in Ireland.

Gardaí believe some animals have effectively been smuggled into the food chain THE IRISH TIMES by Connor Lang (2 Jul 20) — Gardai have arrested five people as part of a lengthy investigation into horse meat unfit for human consumption entering the food chain by manipulation of safety measures. The five were held on suspicion… Continue reading Five crime gang arrests over unfit horse meat entering food chain