The horses of “Las Luminarias”, the Festival of Fire

Every year, in the central province of Avila in Spain, locals honour San Antonio Abad (Saint Anthony). Saint Anthony is a patron saint of animals and locals celebrate him in the traditional festival of Las Luminarias. The night before the festival, dozens of locals ride horses through bonfires to honour the saint. Is this how… Continue reading The horses of “Las Luminarias”, the Festival of Fire

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Irish Thoroughbred Mare and Foal. Image by Alicia Frese (c) Flint Gallery.

In celebration of St Patrick's Day, here is a parade of horses of Ireland. Wild horses of Ireland. A friendly but shy horse in a rocky pasture close to the beach and the wild Atlantic, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland Trio of Irish horses. Wild horses grazing in a meadow beneath the falls, Ireland. Connemara horse.… Continue reading Happy St Patrick’s Day