What to know about Betamethasone

Jane Allin is our genius level resident expert on anything chemical. Alas, she is busy elsewhere so we will have to make do with mere mortals. Actually, all we are going to do — because it is all we can do — is borrow from others who have explained it elsewhere. This drug is in… Continue reading What to know about Betamethasone

Texas horses confirmed with Equine Infectious Anemia

Syringe. Horse. Image by Anne Eberhard.

The two affected Quarter Horses have been euthanized. THE HORSE magazine (thehorse.com) reports: Officials at the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) confirmed two Quarter Horses in Harris County with equine infectious anemia (EIA) on March 26. The premises has been quarantined until TAHC’s requirements are met, and the owner and local veterinarian are working closely… Continue reading Texas horses confirmed with Equine Infectious Anemia