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Horse Fund signature horse. Used with permission. ©Bob Langrish.

National animal rescue buys NYC-area farm for retired carriage horses Just say “hay!” A national animal rescue group is buying a Westchester County farm to provide a home and permanent sanctuary for retired carriage horses and other neglected farm animals. The nonprofit group, The Gentle Barn, kicked off its local expansion plans for the hamlet… Continue reading In the News

ZED Run expansion update

If you have been following us, you know how excited we were about the launch of ZED RUN. Simply put, ZED RUN is a digital horse racing platform where anyone can buy, sell, race, and breed your very own digital NFT* race horses. We believe that ZED RUN is the future of horse racing, and… Continue reading ZED Run expansion update

Cuozzo on new Mayor, old Mayor and carriage horses

New York, New York As Eric Adams (pictured above) rides to the mayoralty on a wave of unprecedented good will and high expectations, he would do well to heed my 100 percent infallible advice," writes Steve Cuozzo for the New York Post. For one, he should avoid statements like this: “On Jan. 1, I will… Continue reading Cuozzo on new Mayor, old Mayor and carriage horses