H.R. 961 — Take Action Indiana

US Capitol Dome and Flag. H.R. 961 — The "SAFE Act of 2019" A big shout out to all you great horse loving Hoosiers! Are you ready to take action and help get us the necessary cosponsors to blast H.R. 961 (The SAFE Act of 2019), out of Committee and onto the House Floor for… Continue reading H.R. 961 — Take Action Indiana

13 Investigates: Indiana horses sent to slaughter

Horses on slaughter truck to Mexico. HSUS photo.

Cross-posted from WTHR-TV Ch. 13 Indianapolis BOB SEGALL / 13 INVESTIGATES Indianapolis -- Despite the closure of all horse slaughterhouses in the United States, 13 Investigates has discovered thousands of Indiana horses are still ending up on dinner plates. A 3-month Eyewitness News investigation shows local horses are being slaughtered for their meat following a… Continue reading 13 Investigates: Indiana horses sent to slaughter