The horses of meaning (poem)

Let their hooves print the next bit of the story:release them, roughmanedfrom the dark stable wherethey rolled their dark eyes, shifted and stamped— Let them out, and follow the sound, a regular clatteringon the cobbles of the yard, a pouring round the cornerinto the big field, a booming canter. Now see where they rampage,and whether… Continue reading The horses of meaning (poem)

My saddlebags are packed, now where should I live?

Horse in a field of buttercups in the English Cotswold countryside.

Written by JENNY SHARP With the world economic climate as it is, things are looking grim for horses, worldwide. Even traditionally horse-friendly countries like Ireland and Spain are seeing an increasingly large number of horses suffering because of the economic downturn. Where previously horses were part of everyday life, they are now becoming a financial… Continue reading My saddlebags are packed, now where should I live?