Wild Horse Annie and the Last of the Mustangs

The Life of Velma Johnston By David Cruise and Alison Griffiths VIDEO TRAILER ORDER NOW! PROCEEDS DIRECTLY BENEFIT ISPMB, VELMA’S ORIGINAL ORGANIZATION. Click here to purchase >> “This book captures the essence of the extraordinary life of Velma Johnston and what she was able to accomplish for the American Mustang. All of us who love… Continue reading Wild Horse Annie and the Last of the Mustangs

Advocates say government should save wild horses (US)

By OSKAR GARCIA, Associated Press, 13 Oct 2008 ------------------- LAS VEGAS – Federal agencies should change the way they manage wild horses on public lands to prevent the animals from going extinct in five years, advocates said Monday. Karen Sussman, president of the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, said the group… Continue reading Advocates say government should save wild horses (US)

Are wild horses facing extinction? (US)

As reported by KVBC/HD News 3 | Las Vegas | 13 Oct 08 After a two-day summit in Las Vegas, advocates for our country's wild horse population have concluded that there are too many horses in holding pens and not enough on the open range. Many at the summit believe the Bureau of Land Management… Continue reading Are wild horses facing extinction? (US)

ISPMB challenged by West River rancher

The Associated Press filed the following report Sept. 25th: RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) A West River rancher whose family has received numerous conservation awards says a wild horse sanctuary near Lantry has too many horses for the amount of pasture that's available. Jeff Mortenson of Fort Pierre says that's not good for the horses or… Continue reading ISPMB challenged by West River rancher