Kentucky lawmakers eye soring Bill (US)

Cross-posted from The Horse Trainers and owners who cause injury to horses' feet or legs to achieve an exaggerated gait will face stiff penalties in Kentucky if a bill introduced into the state senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee becomes law. Sponsored by State Sen. Tom Buford, SB 176 prohibits soring Tennessee Walking Horses, Racking… Continue reading Kentucky lawmakers eye soring Bill (US)

Kentucky Walking Horse Board throw out two (US)

By JADED MARE Oh, look, we are so sorry but we didn't see this til now cause we can't keep up with the KHRC because they are busy probing everywhere. Seriously. Watch out. Cross-posted from The Horse Members of the Kentucky Walking Horse Association (KWHA) declined to re-elect two controversial members to the group's board… Continue reading Kentucky Walking Horse Board throw out two (US)