New Regulations Proposed for PA Horse Auctions

Dome of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building Dome in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

State bill aims to protect horses at auction Suzanne Bush of East Coast Equestrian reports: Representative Liz Hanbidge (D-Montgomery County) has introduced legislation aimed at providing a layer of protection for horses being sold at auction. HB 2193 amends legislation from 1983 which established licensing and regulation requirements for auctioneers who sell horses. Hanbidge’s bill… Continue reading New Regulations Proposed for PA Horse Auctions

Feds rein in sales of wild horses

Wild Horses rounded up by federal agency Bureau of Land Management. Google image.nded up by federal government agency, Bureau of Land Management. Google image.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CARSON CITY, Nev. –- Sales of wild horses and burros will be restricted under new rules announced Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management after an investigation into the sale of more than 1,700 horses to a Colorado livestock hauler who supports the horse meat industry. "It is a response to… Continue reading Feds rein in sales of wild horses

Sue Wallis salutes horse slaughter buyers as heroes and saviours

Sue Wallis

I have heard many twisted interpretations of the facts in the horse slaughter debate, but I never thought I would live to read something as outrageous as what you will see below. Of course, it has come from the mind of Sue Wallis, also referred to as "Slaughterhouse Sue" among horse lovers. In an Op… Continue reading Sue Wallis salutes horse slaughter buyers as heroes and saviours

LeFever case: Paulick calls for ideas to prevent it

Ray Paulick of the Paulick Report posted this today: Yesterday we broke the news of Kelsey Lefever, a 24-year-old woman who has allegedly been misrepresenting her intentions of finding a new home for retired racehorses in Pennsylvania and taking them to kill-buyers instead. and further Earlier today, we reported Great Scott Farm fired Lefever from… Continue reading LeFever case: Paulick calls for ideas to prevent it

ReRun Brands Their Horses

ReRun is serious about protecting their horses even after the Thoroughbreds have left their rehabilitation, retraining and adoption program. That is why they all get freeze-branded with ReRun’s unique and distinctive design (see image above). It is half of a heart with the letters "R R." If you ever come across a horse with the… Continue reading ReRun Brands Their Horses

Baker the Horse Butcher of Sugarcreek whines and will not pay fine (US)

Cross-posted from under the title, "Horses led to slaughter" By DIANA ROSETTI Many Americans consider the horse a national icon, a spirited animal that represents the Old West and its pioneers. But in Canada, Belgium, France, Italy, Russia and Japan, tackling a tasty cut of horse is considered a singular gustatory pleasure. Until recently,… Continue reading Baker the Horse Butcher of Sugarcreek whines and will not pay fine (US)

Tough times mean horses killed for meat (Canada)

Waiting lists at shelters mean unscrupulous dealers saddle up Cross-posted from The Province Rejected horses find some tender care at Hayburner Haven in Langley, but the demand is so great the refuge has a waiting list of 10. Horses, says refuge operator Tara Nicholson, are considered a luxury item. "When things get tough, they're one… Continue reading Tough times mean horses killed for meat (Canada)

“Killer horses” bought to be killed (US)

Oh, look. Murdering horses are being bought up by all kinds of really nice people at auctions who want to rehabilitate them with love and affection because these savage equines really didn't mean to hurt anybody. Wait a minute. These "killer horses" the AP likes to call them now haven't even killed anybody, not once,… Continue reading “Killer horses” bought to be killed (US)

Generosity helps teen keep Mocha (Montana)

So many horse haters come to our attention, it is sometimes easy to forget just how many horse lovers there are. They are in the majority, of course. Let's be thankful -- and helpful -- this week for these horse lovers from Montana, and all the others who come to the aid of horses whenever… Continue reading Generosity helps teen keep Mocha (Montana)

Charles Town races sing this song

Charles Town races in W. Virginie say they do have a no slaughter policy, do da. Charles Town races sing this all day long, oh do da day. That's really nice. So, tell us. What is your no slaughter policy? Oh, okay, it is just enough to say you have one. And what is that… Continue reading Charles Town races sing this song