H.R. 961 — Georgia and Hawaii

Call to Action — H.R. 961 Calling all residents of Georgia and Hawaii. Especially you Georgians! Let's get busy. Take action on behalf of horses and help get the cosponsors required to blast H.R. 961, The SAFE Act of 2019, out of Committee and onto the House Floor for debate and vote. When H.R. 961… Continue reading H.R. 961 — Georgia and Hawaii

PMU (pregnant mare’s urine) sector to expand

March for Premarin Horses featured image.

Sorry we have been so long posting this. We saw this the day it came out but 2016 started off unusually busy and hasn't let up. Looks like it's more than Premarin tablets Pfizer are expecting women (and in some cases men) to swallow. Check this nonsense out. And the picture filed with it is… Continue reading PMU (pregnant mare’s urine) sector to expand