Nashville Vote on Soring Ban Tonight

Horse soring "stacks" on the front hooves of a Tennessee Walking Horse at Big Lick competition. HSUS.

NEWS RELEASE Effort to Stop Animal Cruelty Secured an Overwhelming Majority of Lawmakers in Congress Voting for Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act NASHVILLE, TN, USA, August 6, 2019 / — The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, H.R. 693, by a vote of 333 to 96. U.S.… Continue reading Nashville Vote on Soring Ban Tonight

Roy Exum on Horse Soring: Obama, Hear Our Plea

Image from 2015 HSUS Horse Soring Investigation.

Updated via THE CHATTANOOGAN A COUPLE OF weeks ago a letter bearing the signatures of 175 very furious members of Congress was delivered to our nation’s Office of Management and Budget. It asked that the OMB review a rule amending the federal Horse Protection Act so the Obama administration could kick the shiny stuffing out… Continue reading Roy Exum on Horse Soring: Obama, Hear Our Plea

Horse Soring — Roy Exum: Lamar Is Embarrassing

Cross-posted from The Chattanoogan » Senator Lamar Alexander, who has wonderfully dedicated his life in public service to others, is treading on a treacherous tightrope. The former U.S. Secretary of Education should have had the horse sense to know that playing footsie with the state’s repugnant “Big Lick” crowd of animal abusers will end in… Continue reading Horse Soring — Roy Exum: Lamar Is Embarrassing

Roy Exum: 51 Percent Of Horses Sore

Cross-posted from The Chattanoogan Link to Source Article >> BY ROY EXUM Senator Lamar Alexander, a 74-year-old Republican who is currently running for re-election, has shamefully and famously tried to derail the PAST Act, which is much-needed legislation in the Senate and the House that would help curb the rampant soring of Tennessee Walking Horses.… Continue reading Roy Exum: 51 Percent Of Horses Sore

PAST Act: Horse vote ‘inevitable’ says Whitfield

Cross-posted from The Chattanoogan BY ROY EXUM Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Ky), the primary sponsor of a broad bill that will greatly hamper those who abuse and torture Tennessee Walking Horses, has told a reporter for the Gannett News Service he believes the pending legislation now has “unstoppable momentum” and that a vote seems “inevitable.” Whitfield… Continue reading PAST Act: Horse vote ‘inevitable’ says Whitfield