Reading List for Summer 2016

by VIVIAN You may recognize this list. We featured it last Christmas. All of these books are remarkable and if there's been anything published I would recommend more highly, I am unaware of them. Here they are in alphabetical order. All gems. You will be a better advocate for having read them. I guarantee! •… Continue reading Reading List for Summer 2016

Five great horse books that make a grand read, and a great gift

by VIVIAN Here are my top five recommended books on horses. I had in mind to wax a bit lyrical about these books but let's just get to it. They are great. They are grand. They are each groundbreaking in their own way. They teach us. They exhilarate us. Buy these. Read these. Gift these.… Continue reading Five great horse books that make a grand read, and a great gift

Congrats to our “Last Chance Mustang” winners

Congratulations to Erica Cole, Dina D'Argo and Ann Bennett. They are the winners of a first edition copy of "Last Chance Mustang" in The Horse Fund's most recent Win This Book competition. Not only that, but as a bonus the author of "Last Chance Mustang" Mitchell Bornstein has signed each one. We highly recommend this… Continue reading Congrats to our “Last Chance Mustang” winners

Book Review — “Last Chance Mustang” by Mitchell Bornstein

Photo Credit: Stacey Wescott, Chicago Tribune)

Update: Congratulations to our winners of Win This Book — Erica Cole, Dina D'Argent and Ann Bennett. LAST CHANCE MUSTANG by Mitchell Bornstein Review by Vivian Grant Farrell I HAVE OFTEN wondered what happens to the tiny percentage of America's free-roaming wild horses the Bureau of Land Management occasionally adopt out to the public from… Continue reading Book Review — “Last Chance Mustang” by Mitchell Bornstein