Santa Anita’s racehorse dozen of the dead

Santa Anita Entry Gate. By David McNew. Getty Images.

As of this writing, a dozen horses who raced at Santa Anita are among the U.S. racing dead. JANUARY 1 Golden Birthday 4-year-old Golden Birthday, died after being injured during a January 1 race, becoming the first horse to die at the Santa Anita racetrack in 2020. CNN » JANUARY 7 Buckstopper Kit Buckstopper Kit… Continue reading Santa Anita’s racehorse dozen of the dead

Santa Anita kills its 11th racehorse since December

A lone horse canters on the dirt track at Santa Anita. USAToday.

We changed NPR's published title which was "11th Racehorse Dies At Santa Anita Park Since December," to the title above. Here's why. It's subtle, we know, but when reports say a racehorse dies or has died at a racetrack it sounds like it couldn't be helped, or that the horse was somehow at fault. This… Continue reading Santa Anita kills its 11th racehorse since December