Happy St Valentine’s Day

I only have eyes for you. Two horses nudging. Unattributed image.

Love is in the air, in all kind of ways. A terrific supporter of the Fund for Horses invites you to make a $7 donation to us today, St. Valentine’s Day, and he will double it to $14 all day long, in honour of the horses he so greatly loves. Now that’s a sweetheart of a… Continue reading Happy St Valentine’s Day

Secret Santa time Christmas match

Greetings horse lovers! Secret Santa Time Our Secret Santa for 2018 has been awesome and helping horses and us in all sorts of wonderful, magical ways. He is now offering a matching gift opportunity to all of you! Double up on yuletide love for horses with us. • Make a Matching Gift Donation » •… Continue reading Secret Santa time Christmas match

Five and 10. Do it again!

We sent a shout out via email about our Fall Matching Gift fundraising campaign. In our shout out we wrote: Anniversary We will be 15 years old on October 23. We love your acknowledging this with your $23.00 donations. They have all been doubled to $64.00. Hooray! Ummm, $23.00 x 2 = $46.00 not $64.00.… Continue reading Five and 10. Do it again!

Dual campaigns can benefit all NA horses threatened with entering the slaughter pipeline

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Horse Slaughter) — Dual anti-horse slaughter campaigns launched by The Horse Fund could benefit all NA horses threatened with entering the slaughter pipeline. Canadian horse slaughter plant owners are lining the pockets of U.S. federal lawmakers and lobbying them to ensure U.S. horses continue to go to their country for slaughter. Horse slaughter plants… Continue reading Dual campaigns can benefit all NA horses threatened with entering the slaughter pipeline

It’s Secret Santa Time

Updated: Extended through December 21, 2015 Our Secret Santa this year hails from Florida. He is an avid campaigner against horse slaughter and horse theft. He has two great matching gift offers. 1. Donate $5 or more and he will match it dollar for dollar. He is also matching donations made over the weekend in… Continue reading It’s Secret Santa Time

Summer set up for the months ahead: A matching gift

Beach Horse. Google Image.

You remember our dear friend Anne Gumbel. Each summer for the past two years Anne has offered amazing matching gifts for all cash donations to the Int'l Fund for Horses (while the offer lasts) to pay for lobbying and media campaigns both here and abroad on the issue of horse slaughter. Anne feels we are… Continue reading Summer set up for the months ahead: A matching gift