Premarin 2019 Year in Review

Mutli image Premarin artwork for Tuesday's Horse.

JANUARY 2019 FDA denies Pfizer Petition asking for new method of assessing Premarin generics The FDA has denied a citizen petition from Pfizer calling on the agency to use the company’s method for assessing sameness in generics for its estrogen drug Premarin (conjugated “equine” estrogens). Pfizer had appealed to the FDA to force sponsors of… Continue reading Premarin 2019 Year in Review

Horse pee reduces breast cancer risk. Say what?

The undying pursuit of trying to find goodness in the devil incarnate BY JANE ALLIN Yet again another study attempting to promote the benefits of conjugated equine estrogen (CEE) derived HRT. Or should I use the “new” acronym – MHT – or menopausal hormone treatment? No doubt more propaganda to distance the facts from the… Continue reading Horse pee reduces breast cancer risk. Say what?

The PMU Industry: 2010 Year in Review

Written by JANE ALLIN Chief Research Analyst Introduction With the merger of Pfizer and Wyeth in 2009 a prelude of optimistic hope to end the suffering of the pregnant mares and their foals of the PMU (Pregnant Mare's Urine) industry quickly sputtered to a stall. In its infancy, it was soon apparent that Pfizer would… Continue reading The PMU Industry: 2010 Year in Review

Busted: Wyeth Used Ghostwriters To Place Over 40 “Scientific” Articles In Medical Journals

Written by JANE ALLIN Research Analyst, Int'l Fund for Horses The scandalous ghost writing of scientific papers subsidized by Wyeth (now a division of Pfizer) has re-surfaced in the news once again. In July of 2009, a U.S. District Court Judge granted the motion to make discovery materials that were part of an on-going lawsuit… Continue reading Busted: Wyeth Used Ghostwriters To Place Over 40 “Scientific” Articles In Medical Journals