Lawsuit seeks control of Oregon wild horses (US)

By JADED MARE So, I missed this last week. A couple of old cow farts (my opinion -- I do not know them and they may not be old), are suing the almighty US government because horses are eating up everything in Oregon and now their moo-moos do not have any place to dine out… Continue reading Lawsuit seeks control of Oregon wild horses (US)

Wild Horses: The Root

AT THE ROOT By PRESERVE THE HERDS May 6, 2008 Whether you're passion is wild horses and burros, wildlife or just someone who loves to go hiking around in nature, eventually we all run into the same issue; the degradation of public lands by poorly managed livestock grazing and our government authorizing unsustainable numbers for… Continue reading Wild Horses: The Root

Incredibly low grazing fees on federal public lands

From MIKE HUDAK The title of my video pretty much says it all, but it's still nice to hear the low federal public lands grazing fee disparaged by a government employee. Video interviewee Len Carpenter, PhD, is a former researcher with Colorado Division of Wildlife. (he was also raised on a CO cattle ranch) View… Continue reading Incredibly low grazing fees on federal public lands