Memorial Day 2020

Civil War Horse Monument.

This Memorial Day we seem to be living in very different world than the one we have grown accustomed to. What is that old saying? "This too shall pass?" And no doubt it will, but it never seems that way when you are caught up in the middle of strange and frightening times. Yet, imagine… Continue reading Memorial Day 2020

War horses: Remembering the millions who fought and died in human battles

Civil War Horse Monument.

WWI There was a real-life model for the horse in the Steven Spielberg film "War Horse." EILEEN BATTERSBY in a brilliant article for the Irish Times, writes: His name was Warrior, and he went to war in 1914 with his owner, a British general named Jack Seely. Both survived, defying even the horrors of the… Continue reading War horses: Remembering the millions who fought and died in human battles

5,000 Years of War Horses

Eileen Battersby, writing for the Irish Times, tells the history of the horse, and how once the bit and saddle allowed man to ride, the horse was predominantly used for military campaigns and combat. Below is a teaser. We urge you to read the article through to get an idea of what horses have fought… Continue reading 5,000 Years of War Horses