BLM removes more than 200 wild horses in opening days of Piceance-East Douglas helicopter operations

As of Saturday, July 16, the Bureau of Land Management had rounded up 235 wild horses from the Piceance-East Douglas management area in western Colorado. So far, the BLM’s cull includes 106 mares, 87 stallions and 42 foals, according to the agency. The BLM’s White River Field Office began rounding up the wild horses with… Continue reading BLM removes more than 200 wild horses in opening days of Piceance-East Douglas helicopter operations

Wild Horses, Bureau of Land Management Credibility, Cover Up and Criminality

The idea that the BLM is corrupt and killing horses is not a new one. But take a look at this blog post. It has a lot of great information.

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“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” — Arthur Conan Doyle

We are currently seeing a few interesting situations transpire with the Bureau of Land Management. Their constant, one can say far beyond a doubt consistent, chain of factual misrepresentation; lies actually, to the American Public & Taxpayers. Budgets are created from many of these lies, and many American’s think this can, and does, exemplify fraud . . . it certainly meets the criteria.

The undeniable elephant in the room is their extreme budgets increase exponentially. One has only to read an Environmental Assessment, often copied for example from an EA developed e.g. four years earlier, and understands the misguided rationality and taxpayer expense that assuredly develops.

But need we assume, and does this happen abundantly?

Well, let’s check their history just within the past 8 months, well referenced via G.A.O. Reports (i.e…

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Anatomy of a Roundup, Swasey 2013, Cloud Foundation Video

Swasey Herd Roundup 2013 Utah. The Cloud Foundation image.

BY GINGER KATHRENS The Cloud Foundation Introduction Despite 16 inches of snow 48 hours before the roundup began, the BLM was committed to starting on schedule. As snowplows opened dirt roads closed by deep drifts, I spoke with the BLM’s Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) who cited “contractor availability” as the reason for scheduling the first… Continue reading Anatomy of a Roundup, Swasey 2013, Cloud Foundation Video

Impeach Salazar and Abbey

Written by VIVIAN J GRANT As many of you are aware, we, and other wild horses and burro advocates, have attempted to negotiate with the US Government and its various departments regarding their cruel and destructive management of our wild horses and burros. What we have asked them to do in this regard has not… Continue reading Impeach Salazar and Abbey

Two-Week-Old wild horse shot and killed before California roundup

Advocates ask for investigation The Cloud Foundation Press Release Sacramento, CA (August 13, 2010)—The body of a wild horse foal was found near the site of the Twin Peaks roundup Wednesday by Craig Downer, wildlife ecologist and Cloud Foundation Board member, and Chrystie Davis, wild horse advocate. Davis, an experienced horsewoman, examined the foal for… Continue reading Two-Week-Old wild horse shot and killed before California roundup