There are tens of thousands of actual wild horses in Nevada

OPINION | The Nevada Independent | By KRIS THOMPSON | 1 March 2023 THE only thing David Colborne got right in his recent opinion-editorial entitled “Sorry everyone, Nevada still does not have wild horses” is that wild horse preservation and wild horses are extremely popular among Nevada voters. This popularity extends across party lines, across Northern and… Continue reading There are tens of thousands of actual wild horses in Nevada

Maybe there are too many cows, not too many horses

Letter to the Editor | Opinion Page | The Washington Post | 6th July 2021 Kathleen Parker’s June 27th Sunday Opinion column, “We have too many wild horses. But this is not the way.,” brilliantly highlighted one aspect of heritage animals’ mistreatment by the Bureau of Land Management. Unfortunately, it also perpetuated the myth underlying the… Continue reading Maybe there are too many cows, not too many horses

Wild Horses, Bureau of Land Management Credibility, Cover Up and Criminality

The idea that the BLM is corrupt and killing horses is not a new one. But take a look at this blog post. It has a lot of great information.

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“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” — Arthur Conan Doyle

We are currently seeing a few interesting situations transpire with the Bureau of Land Management. Their constant, one can say far beyond a doubt consistent, chain of factual misrepresentation; lies actually, to the American Public & Taxpayers. Budgets are created from many of these lies, and many American’s think this can, and does, exemplify fraud . . . it certainly meets the criteria.

The undeniable elephant in the room is their extreme budgets increase exponentially. One has only to read an Environmental Assessment, often copied for example from an EA developed e.g. four years earlier, and understands the misguided rationality and taxpayer expense that assuredly develops.

But need we assume, and does this happen abundantly?

Well, let’s check their history just within the past 8 months, well referenced via G.A.O. Reports (i.e…

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BLM horses unloading at Mexican slaughterhouse (Video)

Trailered horses. Destination slaughter in Canada or Mexico. Google image.

ANIMALS' ANGELS VIDEO Please view on YouTube, "like" it (horrible choice we know) and comment so more people will see how America's heritage is being butchered. See also >>

Updated: Congressman implicates the BLM in the slaughter of wild horses

Update: Tom Gorey of the BLM Responds “The BLM’s position — that we do not sell or send any wild horses or burros to slaughter — is stated clearly on our Quicks Facts page( and on our Myths and Facts page” Read more at Horseback Magazine >> That is what pages on their website… Continue reading Updated: Congressman implicates the BLM in the slaughter of wild horses