Maybe there are too many cows, not too many horses

Letter to the Editor | Opinion Page | The Washington Post | 6th July 2021 Kathleen Parker’s June 27th Sunday Opinion column, “We have too many wild horses. But this is not the way.,” brilliantly highlighted one aspect of heritage animals’ mistreatment by the Bureau of Land Management. Unfortunately, it also perpetuated the myth underlying the… Continue reading Maybe there are too many cows, not too many horses

Study solves mystery of horse domestication

Horses pulling a carriage in Progovo, Kiev, Ukraine. Google image.

New research indicates that domestic horses originated in the steppes of modern-day Ukraine, southwest Russia and west Kazakhstan, mixing with local wild stocks as they spread throughout Europe and Asia. The research was published May 7, 2012, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). For several decades scientists puzzled over the origin… Continue reading Study solves mystery of horse domestication