Can horses love?

Anyone who has ever been loved by a horse will tell you there is no other love like it. Some even claim that the love of a horse is superior in many instances to any level of human love they have ever felt. Yet the question can horses love remains. How do people expert and… Continue reading Can horses love?

National I Love Horses Day 2020

I only have eyes for you. Two horses nudging. Unattributed image.

Today July 15th is National I Love Horses Day. Join us throughout social media celebrating our love for horses using #NationalILoveHorsesDay. We would love to hear from you here why you love horses. What makes them so special? We know there's loads of reasons. Before you go, check out our Look of Love video from… Continue reading National I Love Horses Day 2020

Patsy picks 20 favorite tweets from “National I Love Horses Day”

Girl hugging horse. From MirrorMePR. See

Here are 20 favorite tweets from #NationalILoveHorsesDay collected by Patsy Kelly. We love Furries! FEATURED IMAGE Girl hugging horse. From MirrorMePR. See