Buck: Buck Brannaman’s horse sense

Ever wonder who inspired Robert Redford's movie, "The Horse Whisperer"? If you do not know the answer, I bet you will recognize the name. Buck Brannaman. A Sundance Film documentary on Brannaman's life and unrivalled skills with horses is showing in New York and Los Angeles. Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times Film Critic, has written… Continue reading Buck: Buck Brannaman’s horse sense

Horses Can’t Act, Episode One

By STACY TANNER This is a wake up call to horse people and non-horse people alike. Please realize that equines can be trained, but they cannot act. If it looks like pain... IT IS. The next time you sit in the theater or a horse show audience, I hope the images from this video sit… Continue reading Horses Can’t Act, Episode One

Anna Twinney returns to Arizona and Equine Voices this April (US)

By KAREN POMROY FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, ANNA TWINNEY is coming back to one of her favorite places, Equine Voices in Green Valley, Arizona. Anna has a jam-packed schedule of amazing, informative and even life-changing clinics planned. From the Holistic Horse Day to Simple Solutions, Foal Handling and private consultations, Anna is covering the gamut… Continue reading Anna Twinney returns to Arizona and Equine Voices this April (US)