Off the Menu: Gourmet Dinner and Prime Cut survive Thoroughbred racing

With names such as "Gourmet Dinner" and "Prime Cut" one wonders whether this constitutes a deplorable sense of humor given the horrible fate that awaits many racehorses, or whether it is an earnest effort to make a compelling anti-slaughter statement intended to provoke public outcry and bring the slaughter issue to the forefront of racing.… Continue reading Off the Menu: Gourmet Dinner and Prime Cut survive Thoroughbred racing

Thoroughbred rehab internship established

Cross-posted from the The first Olivia M. Saylor Internship has been established to allow a college student the opportunity to gain hands on experience rehabbing, retraining, and rehoming retired racehorses at New Vocations. The internship was established to honor the daughter of prominent horse owner, Paul Saylor. Olivia M. Saylor passed away in January.… Continue reading Thoroughbred rehab internship established