Welcome to 2018

Image Credit: iStock Photo.

Hello and welcome to another year at Tuesday's Horse. We have a lot planned for 2018. Some old. Some new. As we gear up to roll out those changes let us know what you would like to see, what you would like us to do more of, or less of. Anything. Everything. Regarding horse protection… Continue reading Welcome to 2018

Celebrate the New Year Vegan style with delicious eats


LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY — Hi, it's Vivian.I get asked occasionally why we have vegan recipes on Tuesday's Horse. Because a vegan diet is so rewarding — supreme of which — it spares horses or any animal headed for the human dinner table an excruciatingly painful and terrifying death. So please join us this New Year by… Continue reading Celebrate the New Year Vegan style with delicious eats