The checkered history of Pfizer’s Premarin family of drugs

The drugs The name Premarin® spells out in its name what it is made from — PREgant MAres uRINe. Pfizer's Premarin® family of hormone replacement therapy drugs of today includes not only Premarin®, but also similarly manufactured pharmaceuticals — marketed at various times — under the names Prempro®, Premphase®, Provera® and later Aprela® (originally called… Continue reading The checkered history of Pfizer’s Premarin family of drugs

Premarin® Horses 2019 Year in Review

Belgian Foal

JANUARY 2019 FDA denies Pfizer Petition asking for new method of assessing Premarin generics The FDA has denied a citizen petition from Pfizer calling on the agency to use the company’s method for assessing sameness in generics for its estrogen drug Premarin (conjugated “equine” estrogens). Pfizer had appealed to the FDA to force sponsors of… Continue reading Premarin® Horses 2019 Year in Review

Menomagic cooling cream helps soothe menopausal sweats


We discovered this back in March, 2019, but the product described was only available in Britain. You can now order it online in the U.S. The reviews are slightly mixed, but the issue seems to be more about expectation than performance. It will not solve all menopausal discomforts, but it doesn't appear that was ever… Continue reading Menomagic cooling cream helps soothe menopausal sweats