Castration clinics fight unwanted horse problem

Compounding recent economic woes, horse slaughterhouses have been closed in the United States since 2007, leaving many horse owners without an affordable euthanasia option for their animals. — AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Holding castration clinics is one solution proposed to solve the "unwanted horse" problem. A national program, called Operation Gelding, was announced by the… Continue reading Castration clinics fight unwanted horse problem

Unwanted Horse Coalition announces Operation Gelding

The Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC) has initiated a program called Operation Gelding, whereby the coalition will provide funds and materials to assist organizations, associations, and event organizers that wish to sponsor clinics to which horse owners can bring their stallions to be castrated. A number of associations have sponsored such clinics and the UHC wants… Continue reading Unwanted Horse Coalition announces Operation Gelding