What the strange case of horse mutilations in France reveals about our state of mind

Scared horse in barn.

The incidents may be a natural phenomenon, but the pandemic has made us more accepting of the sinister Laura Spinney | The Guardian | Selected Excerpts The animals have been found missing ears and genitals, with eyes torn out, or deep, clean cuts to their bodies. The recent spate of horse mutilations reported across France has provoked… Continue reading What the strange case of horse mutilations in France reveals about our state of mind

Vegan explosion

Smiling girl holding small chalkboard with Vegan written on it. Source: Unknown.

Yes, we are vegan (see Advocate From Your Plate™). And so are loads of our followers. They are requesting we do posts on the vegan lifestyle in addition to our recipe posts. We talked it over and said . . . okay, sure, why not? This is a timely moment to start. Veganism is having… Continue reading Vegan explosion

Racing news and updates

Thoroughbred Eye Photographic Print from Etsy.

NEWS Delaware Cancels Acting upon the recommendation of the Chief Commission Veterinarian of the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission, Delaware Park has cancelled the live racing card scheduled for Monday due to the excessive heat forecast for the region. The National Weather Service has predicted temperatures in the high 90s with a heat index of value… Continue reading Racing news and updates

Tuesday’s Horse

Fund for Horses signature horse. ©Bob Langrish.

We hardly know what to say. What can be said? We are all in new territory aren't we? Global pandemic. Black Lives Matter. Why wouldn't everybody's attention be focused on these life altering events. Unless we have news that we feel you need and want to know, which is becoming increasingly hard to gauge, we… Continue reading Tuesday’s Horse

Kentucky Derby moved to the first Saturday in September

Churchill Downs Aerial Shot. WDRB.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — As a global coronavirus pandemic spreads, Churchill Downs Inc. says it will move the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby to Saturday, September 5. The late-summer Derby would mark the first time the race isn't held the first Saturday in May since 1945, when it was postponed to June during the waning… Continue reading Kentucky Derby moved to the first Saturday in September