Insta Pot Amazon Prime Day One

Stopping by to share these great sales on One Pots (or Insta Pot) during Amazon's mid term Prime extravaganza. • Shop more One Pot options here » What exactly is an Insta Pot? I keep calling them One Pots because they are a bunch of pots in one. In other words, it's a single appliance… Continue reading Insta Pot Amazon Prime Day One

Vegan Stuffed Potato Cakes

Stopped by for a quick minute to share this with you. My sort of vegetarian now sort of vegan sister-in-law came over with some of her crazy friends which included a wild, and kinda scary in-your-face vegan, and two vegetarians who claim to be borderline vegans, neither of which they do on the weekends. We'll… Continue reading Vegan Stuffed Potato Cakes

The Vegan Lunchbox

Hey there. I am not going to list any delicious recipes. I am giving you a bunch of delicious links instead. All about lunch. You seem to have breakfast and dinner (or supper) solved. But lunch, not so much. Lots of these you can make at the weekend. And kid friendly too. Here we go!… Continue reading The Vegan Lunchbox

Thanksgiving roll with vegan gravy & cranberry sauce

I'm ba-aaaaack! My neighbour tried this recipe out and I fell in love with it. Just had to share. Oh, by the way, you can freeze it and eat it again and again he told me. And you will want to! By Instagram @bestofvegan via @ (for you non-Grammers, you can view online as well as your phone).… Continue reading Thanksgiving roll with vegan gravy & cranberry sauce

More Thanksgiving food ideas

Hello there Vegan comrades. I have been inundated with requests and there is not space here to address them all, nor do you have the time to scroll through such a list! You have had two overwhelming popular requests: More main course ideas, more side course ideas. My go to is always Vegan Richa (as… Continue reading More Thanksgiving food ideas

Vegan sweet potato rolls (video)

Are you a baker? I am a baker. Who is always looking for something new. Made these yesterday, and will be adding these dinner rolls to what will be a table groaning with vegan fabulousness this Thanksgiving. Vegan Sweet Potato Rolls — Soft Herb Dinner Rolls Ingredients 3/4 cup non dairy milk (warmed to… Continue reading Vegan sweet potato rolls (video)

Say cheese!

One change that holds people up from going wholesale vegan is no cheese. I get it. Or I used to get it. It's been so long since I have had cheese I forget what the real stuff tastes like. Saying that, I am crazy about mac 'n cheese and especially this recipe. It has no… Continue reading Say cheese!