Cuozzo on new Mayor, old Mayor and carriage horses

New York, New York As Eric Adams (pictured above) rides to the mayoralty on a wave of unprecedented good will and high expectations, he would do well to heed my 100 percent infallible advice," writes Steve Cuozzo for the New York Post. For one, he should avoid statements like this: “On Jan. 1, I will… Continue reading Cuozzo on new Mayor, old Mayor and carriage horses

PETA launches horseracing abuse whistleblower hotline

PETA writes on their website: PETA has been inundated with tips over the past two years alerting us to unethical and illegal activities in horse racing. This is why we now offer a whistleblower hotline for workers who have witnessed or know about cruelty to animals or other illegal activities involving horses used for racing… Continue reading PETA launches horseracing abuse whistleblower hotline

City Council asked to honor activist’s life, pass horse-drawn trolley ban

Solvang, Calif horse drawn trolley (closeup).

SOLVANG, CALIFORNIA (PETA Press Release | Sept. 30, 2020) — Longtime Solvang resident and PETA supporter Hazel Mortensen—who fought for years the city’s cruel horse-drawn carriage and trolley rides—has passed away at the age of 85, prompting PETA to send a letter this morning to the city council asking it to honor her memory by banning… Continue reading City Council asked to honor activist’s life, pass horse-drawn trolley ban

Racehorse death by numbers

Dead Australian Racehorse, Pride of Westbury. By Horse Racing Kills.

Let's take a look at the numbers reported regarding racehorse deaths. The following quote started us wondering. “Over the past decade, an average of more than 600 thoroughbreds a year have died because of racing,” according to research by the USA TODAY Network and published October 31, 2019. That number seems low to us. It is… Continue reading Racehorse death by numbers

PETA-backed racehorse welfare and safety bill introduced in California

Racehorse train on a California track. By DAVID JOLES / STAR TRIBUNE.

On Tuesday of this week, Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) announced the introduction of AB 2177, the Equine Welfare and Safety in Horse Racing Act. If successful, AB 2177 would enact comprehensive reforms and improvements to racing and eliminate serious contributing factors to equine deaths on racetracks. AB 2177 is co-sponsored by Social Compassion in… Continue reading PETA-backed racehorse welfare and safety bill introduced in California

‘Making some changes’; Horseplayers association to re-engage

Horses jump out the gate at Penn National racecourse.

PRESS RELEASE (Nov 26, 2019) The Horseplayers Association of North America, a group that has tackled issues affecting bettors such as takeout rates and signal availability, is in a “fluid situation” as far as its future, says HANA President Jeff Platt. The group, which had annually released horseplayer-centric track ratings since 2009, never updated for… Continue reading ‘Making some changes’; Horseplayers association to re-engage

Sign Petition telling Texas A&M to stop abusing and sending horses to slaughter

COMMERCE, TX — Horses are being exploited and abused at Texas A&M University including at Texas A&M University-Commerce (TAMUC) reports One Green Planet. Justice for Tina According to a petition on Care2 written by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a horse by the name of Tina was brutally shot to death after… Continue reading Sign Petition telling Texas A&M to stop abusing and sending horses to slaughter

National uniform medication program gets a push

Thoroughbred racehorse Nehro. By Rob Carr, Getty Images.

TOM LaMARRA, reporting for The Blood-Horse reports: The National Uniform Medication Program wasn't on the agenda at the recent American Horse Council convention, but progress on that front was addressed during forums and in conversations among attendees. State-by-state adoption of model medication rules and the companion multiple medication violation penalty system continues around the country.… Continue reading National uniform medication program gets a push

KHRC finds no smoking gun in Peta undercover sting of racehorse trainer Asmussen

I am not shocked. I am not the least little bit surprised. This is horse racing American style and it stinks to high heaven. You take your big carcasses of cheating and horse cruelty and sweep them under the proverbial rug. Abusing drugs and cheating. That seems to be a common thread in too many… Continue reading KHRC finds no smoking gun in Peta undercover sting of racehorse trainer Asmussen

Scandal casts shadow over grandeur of Kentucky Derby

Cross-posted from the New York Times WRITTEN BY JOE DRAPE LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Early Saturday night, the horses for the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby will saunter onto the racetrack as a capacity crowd at Churchill Downs serenades them with a full-throated “My Old Kentucky Home.” It promises to be a stirring tableau of… Continue reading Scandal casts shadow over grandeur of Kentucky Derby