The Horse’s new “Equine Innovators” podcast

Horse looking out from Barn Door from

Starting Monday, Feb. 24, 2019 VIA THEHORSE.COM Each day researchers at universities and other institutions around the world are investigating new ways to care for and understand our horses. Whether you realize it or not, the work they do influences your daily interactions with your horses. That formulation you scoop into feed buckets each morning?… Continue reading The Horse’s new “Equine Innovators” podcast

Not There Yet: Mustang (Podcast)

WILD HORSES — Terence C. Gannon, host of Not There Yet podcast, kindly brought this to our attention to share with you. MUSTANG The burden of a name that has come to mean so much. The word derives from the Spanish mesteño, which is defined as “wild; untamed; ownerless”. By letting the tongue dwell on… Continue reading Not There Yet: Mustang (Podcast)