White horses

A poem by Eleanor Farjeon Count the white horses you meet on the way,Count the white horses, child day after day,Keep a wish ready for wishing - if youWish on the ninth horse, your wish will come true. I saw a white horse at the end of the lane,I saw a white horse canter down… Continue reading White horses

At Grass

— A Poem by Philip Larkin The eye can hardly pick them outFrom the cold shade they shelter in,Till wind distresses tail and main;Then one crops grass, and moves about– The other seeming to look on –And stands anonymous again Yet fifteen years ago, perhapsTwo dozen distances surficedTo fable them : faint afternoonsOf Cups and Stakes… Continue reading At Grass

Horse quotes and a special poem

Beautiful chestnut horse with cascading mane,

In January of this year, we moved the Fund for Horses website to WordPress where we have been hosting the f4H blog Tuesday's Horse for many years. It is so fabulous to have everything "under one roof". One of our most popular pages has always been the horse quotes page. Here are some of our… Continue reading Horse quotes and a special poem

Beauty and poetry

How about something to soothe our souls, simply contemplating the beauty and majesty of God's great gift to mankind — the horse. "Where in this wide world can men find nobility without pride, Friendship without envy, or beauty without vanity? Here, where grace is laced with power and strength tempered by gentleness. He serves without… Continue reading Beauty and poetry

Wild Horse Destiny. A poem by Craig Downer.

WILD HORSES — As a thank you for participating in Meat Out for Mustangs throughout the month of May with us, we thought we should share something extra special with you on our final day of this very special campaign. It a beautiful poetic tribute to wild horses. WILD HORSE DESTINYby Craig Downer Something there is of… Continue reading Wild Horse Destiny. A poem by Craig Downer.

Love match: Gratitude and Horses

Galloping Horse by Bob Langrish. By Permission.

I have two poems I dearly love about horses. I am sharing them with our readers this Thanksgiving to pay tribute to the horses I love and gratitude for your fellowship in that shared passion. Happy Day! THE LOVE-CHASE by James Sheridan Knowles What delight to back the flying steed, that challenges the wind for… Continue reading Love match: Gratitude and Horses

Leaning into the afternoon (Bohdi)

Leaning into the afternoons I cast my sad nets toward your oceanic eyes There in the highest blaze my solitude lengthens and flames, its arms turning like a drowning man's. I send out red signals across your absent eyes that move like the sea near a lighthouse You keep only darkness, my distant (Bodhi), from… Continue reading Leaning into the afternoon (Bohdi)