France: Up to 30 horses killed, mutilated

Horse. France. Close Up. Photographer unknown.

PROBE UNDERWAY UPI reporting. By Sommer Brockaw. Aug. 29 (UPI) — French authorities said they're investigating the killing and mutilation of up to 30 horses and ponies in pastures across the country. Officers are looking into whether the motive for the slayings in recent weeks is linked to satanic rituals or an online challenge. The… Continue reading France: Up to 30 horses killed, mutilated

Now it’s British horsemeat in burgers and kebabs

Our staff in England and Ireland have been sounding the alarm for the past two weeks. And now it comes out. The British are just as involved in the horse meat scandal as the Europeans. Police raids in Britain have exposed that horses are being slaughtered for their meat which is processed and labelled as… Continue reading Now it’s British horsemeat in burgers and kebabs