Popsicles and horses

Welcome back. At readers' requests we are answering a few questions, one of which is can horses eat popsicles. Yes they can. First we will discover who invented the popsicle, provide you with another recipe (naturally) for humans which is chockful of spinach (no, you cannot taste it — you will see why in a… Continue reading Popsicles and horses

8 totally cool and tasty recipes for homemade vegan popsicles

MEAT OUT FOR MUSTANGS — We agreed to continue Meat Out for Mustangs every Monday until the wild horses remaining on public lands are left there with no further human interference and the ones held in captivity are either restored to their original HMAs or placed in strategically designed reserves. Our campaign was certainly timely.… Continue reading 8 totally cool and tasty recipes for homemade vegan popsicles