Malibu the Premarin Mare

Guest Post By DEBBIE TONG The name Malibu implies a lovely place that is warm and sunny, but Malibu the mare is not from such a place. She is from a Premarin horse farm that houses horses inside on cold concrete floors. They are made to stand 24 hours a day for 6 months out… Continue reading Malibu the Premarin Mare

Anna Twinney and the gentling of rescued Premarin mares and foals

GUEST POST BY ANNA TWINNEY Reach Out to Horses® INTRODUCTION I have made it my life’s mission to give a voice to the voiceless through gentle ways of both training horses and coaching individuals on effective communication. For almost 2 decades I have gentled PMU mares, colts and foals in both Canada and the United… Continue reading Anna Twinney and the gentling of rescued Premarin mares and foals

March for Premarin Horses starts right here, right now

Welcome to the month of March, a time of year when we focus on a key horse welfare issue for the entire month. This year we are marching once again for Premarin Horses. Let's get started. A particular item to note is that Aprela ― after many years ― was finally approved by the FDA.… Continue reading March for Premarin Horses starts right here, right now

Pfizer anti Premarin flyers drifting in

Isn't it funny how some things work out and in ways you least expect. A friend of a friend of yet another friend has a niece who is working in New York, who just happens at the moment to be employed at Pfizer. She mentioned that she noticed some mail coming in with cute little… Continue reading Pfizer anti Premarin flyers drifting in