Obama proposes Public Lands Grazing Fee increase

Cloud the Stallion watches over his territory. The Cloud Foundation.

Wild Horses Cost Taxpayers Virtually nothing on Federal Lands THE CLOUD FOUNDATION PRESS RELEASE COLO. SPRINGS, CO (Feb. 16, 2012) – The Obama Administration proposal to increase public land grazing fees from the regulatory minimum will do little to match the administrative costs of the program according to the Colorado-based, Cloud Foundation (TCF). The fee… Continue reading Obama proposes Public Lands Grazing Fee increase

US Supreme Court ruling ends Bush era BLM grazing regulations

The U.S. Supreme Court Ends the George W. Bush Era Bureau of Land Management Grazing Regulations Once and For All By JON MARVEL, Executive Director, Western Watersheds Project (Oct 3, 2011) -- Today the United States Supreme Court denied consideration of an appeal by the Public Lands Council of prior federal court decisions overturning Bureau… Continue reading US Supreme Court ruling ends Bush era BLM grazing regulations

Wild Horses: The Root

AT THE ROOT By PRESERVE THE HERDS May 6, 2008 Whether you're passion is wild horses and burros, wildlife or just someone who loves to go hiking around in nature, eventually we all run into the same issue; the degradation of public lands by poorly managed livestock grazing and our government authorizing unsustainable numbers for… Continue reading Wild Horses: The Root