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Sign this to Stop the Sterilization and Slaughter of Wild Horses





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Sterilization experiments are reportedly being conducted by university scientists at


If you are participating in these experiments or have firsthand knowledge of them please contact us in confidence at horsefund@gmail.com.

Wild horse advocates file lawsuit re BLM’s plans to sterilize Idaho Mustangs


BOISE, Idaho (AP) – Wild horse advocates have filed a lawsuit challenging a U.S. Bureau of Land Management plan to sterilize a herd of wild horses in southwestern Idaho.

The lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Idaho contends the BLM is violating federal environmental law by failing to analyze consequences of the action.

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and two other groups also say the BLM is violating the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act by adopting a plan that fails to protect wild horses. Read more



Video Date: November 2015. By The Cloud Foundation.

Wild horse destruction and the question of PZP

In an article by the Associated Press (via OregonLive.com) they report:

RENO, Nevada — (AP) United in their belief wild horses should remain free to roam public rangeland across the West, groups working to protect the mustangs are increasingly at odds over whether contraception should play a role in the decades-old dispute over efforts to reign in the natural size of the herds.

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign — made up of more than 60 groups, including the Humane Society of the United States, Animal Welfare Institute and In Defense of Animals — has been willing to accept treating mares with the anti-fertility drug PZP as a more humane alternative to gathering and shipping mustangs to costly holding facilities.

“The use of birth control, in the form of the PZP vaccine, was recommended by the National Academy of Sciences and is in line with public opinion and taxpayer interests,” campaign spokeswoman Deniz Bolbol said.

Leaders of two dissenting groups who recently won a court order blocking a roundup in Nevada are harshly critical of the national coalition, accusing some members of abandoning the mustangs’ best interests.

The New York-based Friends of Animals and San Francisco-based Protect Mustangs say recent studies show use of the contraceptive, which keeps the horses from reproducing for two years, is having an unnatural impact on the herds’ social structure.

U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks in Reno agreed in February when he blocked a roundup based partly on BLM’s reliance on a 5-year-old study suggesting contraception prompts some mares unable to become pregnant to leave in search of stallions in other bands. Newer data disputes that finding.

“We champion the herd’s freedom and will prevent special interest groups from using them as pharmaceutical lab rats for drug research,” Protect Mustangs executive director Anne Novak said.

We are members of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign group and support their work.

On the PZP issue, we concur with the statement “. . . has been willing to accept treating mares with the anti-fertility drug PZP as a more humane alternative to gathering and shipping mustangs to costly holding facilities”.

In saying that, we do not favor the drug itself. We simply agree that it is a more humane alternative to gathering and shipping Mustangs to costly holding facilities. It is not mentioned, but we know historically some Mustangs are sent to slaughter. PZP is definitely preferable to that. But is it really a viable overall solution?

From the same article:

Holly Hazard, senior vice president of the Humane Society of the United States, said internal dissent is nothing new but acknowledged the “tone and tenor is ramping up.” She said the claim her group pushes PZP to raise money is “ludicrous.”

“We have been working with PZP for 20 years,” she said. “We believe it’s the best hope for getting the wild horse management challenges under control.”

Yes, 20 years of working with PZP. And look at all the destruction and empty herd areas.

The important questions are:

Has PZP actually spared any wild horses or saved a herd? Some wild horse advocates say that it has.

Are the groups espousing PZP selling out America’s wild horses and subjecting them to a harmful drug that no one truly knows the consequences of? Someone with more expertise than we have will have to answer that. We are currently canvassing experts for some answers.

We agree 100% with this remark by Hazard:

Hazard said the groups share the same “pure vision of what we’d like to see — which would be horses remaining on the range, untouched by man.”

However we disagree with this:

“But if the only argument you can make is they should be left free on the range, I say that they are not now and will not ever be — at least in the reasonable future,” she said. “We want a solution. We don’t want to rattle our saber toward a victory that will never come.”

A victory that will never come? That is totally unacceptable. And a typical welfarist response.

In the meantime, the “raging debate” about PZP among wild horse groups may be moot. The only opinion concerning PZP that matters at the moment belongs to the BLM.

Guess what?

The BLM doesn’t give a flip about what the National Academy of Sciences says about PZP.

The BLM claims that contraceptive efforts have failed.

In light of this “fact” the BLM states it will continue to round up America’s wild horses and dispose of them in the same fashion. And we know what that means. And the reasons for it.

It is about livestock, mining, and energy interests. It is also about keeping millions of dollars in Congressional funding coming into the Wild Horse and Burro Program making BLM contractors (and reportedly some BLM employees) very, very rich indeed.

So at the moment and for the purposes of this article the Friends of Animals and Protect Mustangs have the upper hand in the PZP debate. Only one solution. The one we always have and will prefer. Total. Freedom.


• Wild horses, federal grazing and America’s billionaire welfare ranchers; Tuesday’s Horse

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Vet seeks reproductive alternative to cull of Alberta wild horses

KATHRYN McMACKIN reporting for the Cochrane Eagle reports:

“As the debate continues surrounding the government-appointed wild horse cull in Alberta, one veterinarian has been researching a more sustainable solution to manage the free-ranging horse population: a safe method of contraception.

“Dr. Judith Samson-French is no stranger to utilizing contraception as a management tool — she’s used it for years to control the feral dog population on First Nations communities. Through the Dogs With No Names project, she’s found success by administering a contraceptive implant in female dogs that renders them infertile.

“A similar method can be used for wild horses, she said.

“Jay Kirkpatrick is the director of the Science and Conservation Centre at ZooMontana in Billings, Mont. The centre develops and distributes wildlife contraceptives — including porcine zona pellucida (PZP).

“Kirkpatrick said the PZP injection has been used, with much success, in horses for 27 years.

    ‘The beauty of this particular contraceptive is that it doesn’t disrupt cycling or the horses’ behaviours, which is very important for the herd,” said Kirkpatrick. “It’s the only known contraceptive that does not interfere with the endocrine system.’ ”

Where have we heard this before? Oh, yes. The US Department of Interior agency, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), also favors this method, so they say.

The very big problem is that the BLM has promised time and again over the years that this reproductive alternative – darting wild mares with the PZP contraceptive – would be done in place of roundups. That has not happened.

Instead the BLM reportedly has been using contraceptives in addition to the aggressive roundups of thousands of wild horses decimating and in some cases eliminating entire herds, leaving empty herd management areas on public lands for federally contracted ranchers to graze their cattle, mining companies to mine, pipeline companies to lay pipeline . . . and so on it goes.

So dear citizens of Canada, we recommend you take a very hard look at what is happening in the US before you jump on the contraceptive bandwagon for wild horse population control. You may find that this “reproductive alternative” will continue along with the culls, not in place of them.

By the way, if you look up the definition of cull, it says:

1. a selective slaughter of wild animals; 2. reduce the population of (a wild animal) by selective slaughter; and 3. send (an inferior or surplus animal on a farm) to be slaughtered.

At the end of McMackin’s report she states:

“Wild horse capture permits began being distributed by the province mid-January. Once captured, the horses become property of the licence holder, who may keep or sell the horses”.

McMackin does not mention the grisly prospect that can easily occur with the sale of these horses, namely slaughter.

McMackin ends with the quote:

“‘The government is running out of options for these horses,” said Samson-French.'”

Ah, yes.

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