PETA launches horseracing abuse whistleblower hotline

PETA writes on their website: PETA has been inundated with tips over the past two years alerting us to unethical and illegal activities in horse racing. This is why we now offer a whistleblower hotline for workers who have witnessed or know about cruelty to animals or other illegal activities involving horses used for racing… Continue reading PETA launches horseracing abuse whistleblower hotline

Blood doping racehorses

What counts as doping in horse racing? Just as with human athletes, certain drugs are banned outright in horse racing, including growth hormones, anabolic drugs that increase testosterone, and so-called blood doping drugs which allow the body to send more oxygen to the muscles. Dr Mary Scollay, in a letter to the Kentucky Horse Racing… Continue reading Blood doping racehorses

Gambling and horse racing

Gambling sustains horse racing. Without it, horse racing would shrivel up and blow away. History tells us so. Think the Seabiscuit story, brought to the nation's attention in the excellent book and movie by Lauren Hillenbrand. Let's take a look at what American Experience tells us about the time period, By the time the Great… Continue reading Gambling and horse racing

Illegal horse racing runs wild in New Mexico

Dead, discarded racehorse near NM racecourse. Photo: Jakob Schiller NYT.

Horse racing has serious, serious problems in New Mexico, particularly when it comes to racehorse doping, injuries, breakdowns and death. And this is in horse races at tracks licensed and regulated by the State of New Mexico. What about the racehorses who take part in clandestine racing at bush tracks across the State? LARRY BARKER… Continue reading Illegal horse racing runs wild in New Mexico

Pap’s Pal is run till his heart stops dead in the dirt at Suffolk Downs

Pap's Pal Wreath. Artwork by Vivian.

No doubt there are callous racehorse trainers everywhere, but the U.S. seems to be a hotbed for the most heartless and gutless of them all. Case in point is the Pap's Pal story that I happened across on Twitter. If all they say is true, Tito Rivera who trains the late Pap's Pal reportedly ran… Continue reading Pap’s Pal is run till his heart stops dead in the dirt at Suffolk Downs