Baffert’s KHRC Appeal Day 5

Zedan and Hall of Fame trainer are final witnesses August 30, 2022 Testimony in Bob Baffert's hearing before the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission concluded Tuesday with the examination of the final three witnesses which included Baffert and Medina Spirit owner Amr Zedan. Additionally, Tom Lomangino, who testified on Monday, also returned to the stand. After the examinations,… Continue reading Baffert’s KHRC Appeal Day 5

Nobody’s buying Baffert’s bluster

Here at Tuesday's Horse we agreed that we would move on from the Baffert story for awhile. Well, that was until we saw the June 3rd Deadspin article entitled, "Bob Baffert’s attorney gets eviscerated on CNN." It was too good to pass up, and nobody does it like Deadspin. After Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit… Continue reading Nobody’s buying Baffert’s bluster

The Baffert team may just be able to exonerate him — again

We are so weary of this topic. But this is worth making a record of. Sadly. We will let the Ray Paulick Report do the talking in just a minute. Baffert's legal team is doing a good job. Those around him are brainstorming what angles they can take to get him out of this, regardless… Continue reading The Baffert team may just be able to exonerate him — again

Desperate Baffert now claiming “cancel culture”

By Katelyn Burns, MSNBC Opinion Columnist for MSNBC writes: Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit failed a drug test over the weekend and his Hall of Fame trainer, Bob Baffert, is denying any wrongdoing — and blaming cancel culture. Baffert went on Fox News Monday morning to talk about the test, which could threaten his horse’s Derby win and… Continue reading Desperate Baffert now claiming “cancel culture”

Will the Teflon effect keep Bob bobbing along?

Bob Baffert, U.S. Thoroughbred racehorse trainer.

by JANE ALLIN The Triple Crown races are upon us again, albeit postponed, and Baffert is back in the news. Two of his horses, one a top contender for the Belmont Stakes, tested positive for Lidocaine. Not one but two — Charlatan and stable mate Gamine — both of whom won on the race card… Continue reading Will the Teflon effect keep Bob bobbing along?