You could win a copy of Missionville

Missionville, written by Alex Brown (pictured with racing plates). By Vivian Grant Farrell.
Missionville, written by Alex Brown (pictured with racing plates). By Vivian Grant Farrell.


This June is raffle month. We are raising money to fight for a federal law prohibiting the slaughter of American horses on U.S. soil and across U.S. borders. We may never have a better chance than the bill pending right now.


We have 5 copies of Alex Brown’s Missionville for you to win.

The NTRA estimates that 7,500 to 10,000 Thoroughbred racehorses are sent to slaughter per year. These deaths are in addition to the number of horses who die at the track.

In Missionville you will learn how and why racehorses are sent to slaughter, and who takes them there.

To enter, make a donation of $5.00 and we will throw your name into the hat. Enter as many times as you wish. A $25.00 donation would give you 5 entries, and so forth.


Alex Brown, author of Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and His Legacy, has written a book called Missionville which delves into the lives and activities of the people who work horses in the business of the American claiming race.

Missionville is a well crafted story with credibly drawn characters you can root for or against as Brown gives you an unvarnished look at the day-to-day rigors of training and racing horses at a small track and its resulting often tragic consequences for horses and humans alike.

Eclipse award winner Mike Jensen, journalist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, in his review of Missionville puts it this way:

“Alex Brown, a lifelong horseman, takes you on a journey few are capable of providing. He takes you to the underbelly of the sport. A terrific read”.

Missionville gives true to life insight into what happens to horses when their careers begin to take a downward spiral and tragically end up in the claiming race system.


Drawing will be held on June 30, 2019 at 6.00 pm EST.


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Horse Fund Christmas Raffle for Books

Updated 6 December 2015 at 19:14

We agree. Two days is too short for a raffle. We have extended it to 10th December at midnight ET.

Hello, and welcome.

We are holding a Christmas raffle today and tomorrow giving away five books.

Tickets are $5 apiece. One entry per ticket. Starts at time of posting. Closes Sunday December 6th, midnight California time.

Drawing to be held Monday morning when we will announce the five lucky winners.

We will either ship the book to you, or to a loved one gift wrapped.

Each of our five winners will choose a book from among these 10: Vivian’s Top Five Horse Books or Top Five Vegan Cookbooks.

Happy Holidays.


P.S. We are not a rescue but we were directly involved with the rescue of 117 horses this year. That is an all time high. We are a lobbying and equine industry watchdog group. We have a unique place in animal protection. No one does what we do just for horses. Learn more about Vivian and The Horse Fund here.