Tuesday’s Horse raffle to help horses

Updated. We have been asked to extend the date to the 31st and happy to oblige. Details below. Help us raise money to help horses with our TH exclusive raffle. Minimum purchase is a $5.00 donation — which will give you five draws. If you donate $6.00 you get six draws, and so forth. May… Continue reading Tuesday’s Horse raffle to help horses

You could win a copy of Missionville

JUNE 2019 RAFFLE This June is raffle month. We are raising money to fight for a federal law prohibiting the slaughter of American horses on U.S. soil and across U.S. borders. We may never have a better chance than the bill pending right now. MISSIONVILLE We have 5 copies of Alex Brown's Missionville for you… Continue reading You could win a copy of Missionville

Horse Fund Christmas Raffle for Books

Updated 6 December 2015 at 19:14 We agree. Two days is too short for a raffle. We have extended it to 10th December at midnight ET. --- Hello, and welcome. We are holding a Christmas raffle today and tomorrow giving away five books. Tickets are $5 apiece. One entry per ticket. Starts at time of… Continue reading Horse Fund Christmas Raffle for Books