RCMP say no charges in CHDC horse slaughter investigation

The Calgary Sun reports: Police say no criminal charges will be laid after allegations of animal cruelty were made against a Fort MacLeod horse slaughterhouse. The investigation was launched after RCMP were given video from the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition depicting what they believe to be footage taken at Bouvry Exports Calgary Ltd. In the… Continue reading RCMP say no charges in CHDC horse slaughter investigation

Alberta horse slaughterhouse probed by RCMP

Hidden camera video also prompts food inspection agency investigation Cross-posted from the CBC A slaughterhouse in Fort Macleod, Alta., owned by a Calgary company is under investigation by the RCMP over allegations that it has been killing horses inhumanely at its facility. Police opened the file after the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition made a complaint… Continue reading Alberta horse slaughterhouse probed by RCMP