ReRun Brands Their Horses

ReRun is serious about protecting their horses even after the Thoroughbreds have left their rehabilitation, retraining and adoption program. That is why they all get freeze-branded with ReRun’s unique and distinctive design (see image above). It is half of a heart with the letters "R R." If you ever come across a horse with the… Continue reading ReRun Brands Their Horses

Hold a 50-50 raffle for off-the-track Thoroughbreds

Whoa, hey. With the approaching Kentucky Derby, horses are on the public's minds more than any other time of year. Like a great idea for raising money for your favorite Thoroughbred rescue or sanctuary? Hold a 50/50 raffle. Pick up or order a roll of raffle tickets and sell them at your Kentucky Derby celebration,… Continue reading Hold a 50-50 raffle for off-the-track Thoroughbreds

ReRun announces sales of Zenyatta Moneighs®

Source: Edited Press Release ReRun, the nonprofit Thoroughbred adoption program, announces that two Moneighs® created by Zenyatta will be available for sale on its online eBay store on December 26, 2009. Also on December 26, 2009, this year's Breeders’ Cup Classic winner, Zenyatta, who has an unbroken 14 for 14 win record, will make her… Continue reading ReRun announces sales of Zenyatta Moneighs®

Submission deadline for “Life Stories in a Race Horse Name” is Dec 14th!

By CHRISTINE ORMAN ReRun Thoroughbred Adoption The deadline to submit your life story in a racehorse’s name to Caballo Press’ book “Horsenameopgraphies: Life Stories in a Race Horse Name” is December 14. Tell everyone to submit their names! I believe there are over 700 names already submitted and yours may get selected for inclusion in… Continue reading Submission deadline for “Life Stories in a Race Horse Name” is Dec 14th!

Off to the races again to win a Moneigh (US)

Source: Press Release Contact: Deirdre Panas, RERUN’S MONEIGH® AUCTION ON EBAY TO BEGIN NOV. 29 Helmetta, NJ - It's time to find that unique holiday gift for yourself, or a horse-loving friend, and make a tax deductible donation to a worthy charity at the same time. ReRun, a 501 (c)(3) Thoroughbred racehorse adoption program,… Continue reading Off to the races again to win a Moneigh (US)

Have a 50/50 Derby raffle for Re-Run

By CHRISTINE ORMAN on Facebook - Become a Fan As most of you know the Kentucky Derby will be held on the first Saturday in May. Many people hold Derby Day parties that range from high-class affairs to low-class affairs, big and small. In an effort to help ReRun raise needed funds. I ask that… Continue reading Have a 50/50 Derby raffle for Re-Run