Horse Fund’s Top Horse Cruelty Issues of 2016

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The long awaited Top Horse Cruelty Issues of 2016 and corresponding Year in Review are finally on their way.

2017 started off in a tumultuous fashion and it does not look like it is going to slow down any time soon insofar as horse cruelty issues go, or cruelty to animals in general. It is tragic and we simply do not understand it.

We have compiled the following list by looking at the issues that concerned you most based on your responsiveness and social media activities.

We were surprised and not surprised. That is why lists like these are so popular and relevant.

It is not an exhaustive list of everything we work on, but the horse cruelty issues on most people’s minds in 2016.

They are as follows.

  1. PMU Horses
  2. Horse Slaughter
  3. Horse Racing
  4. Horse Soring
  5. Wild Horses
  6. Carriage Horses
  7. Rodeo Horses

We will be publishing a 2016 Year in Review for each of the horse cruelty issues above, beginning with PMU Horses, which will appear shortly.

Thank you everyone.

Year in Review on its way

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HOUSTON, TEXAS — All of our staff and volunteers are finally back. Thank goodness. Whew.

We are still putting together year end reports from 2016 and it’s all folks on board.

Wow, were we busy. So much went on. Lots to collate, evaluate and sort through. We want to give you what you need without overwhelming you. So hang in there.

We are just about there. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. Again.

In the meantime will you please read the following.

Three Misconceptions That Can Cause Harm to Horses

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It is one of the most important articles we posted in 2016. You will be a better advocate for it.

Bless you everyone and thank you.