NM track announces crack down on certain horse doping

A racehorse steps onto the track during training. Image by Clarence Alford.

That's not exactly how the cited article headlined it. I included the word "certain". However "certain" is used in the opening paragraph of the article. So let's have the headline reflect the true content of the story. All of these meaningless promises about cracking down on certain racehorse doping are made at the time of… Continue reading NM track announces crack down on certain horse doping

New Mexico: Tests confirm dermorphin positives

Waxy Monkey Tree Frog. By Afulki on Flickriver.

by RAY PAULICK Cross-posted from the Paulick Report Independent lab tests have confirmed that all nine horses that originally tested positive in May for Dermorphin were indeed given that illegal painkiller. Vince Mares, the executive director of the New Mexico Racing Commission, told the Albuquerque Journal that the three trainers responsible for the drug positives… Continue reading New Mexico: Tests confirm dermorphin positives