Aussie racehorse kill buyer speaks out

An image from ABC's 7.30 program showing a horse being killed at a Queensland knackery. CREDIT:ABC

INTERVIEW WITH A KILL BUYER — HOW RACEHORSES END UP AS MEAT by Chip Legrand Sydney Morning Herald, 21 Oct 2019 "Peter Loffel is the face of horse racing’s unpalatable truth. "He is known as a kill buyer, although he prefers the term horse trader. He buys horses no one wants and trucks them to… Continue reading Aussie racehorse kill buyer speaks out

Quote of the Day

Horse meat tartare in Jeju Island, Korea, restaurant.

[Horse flesh] is about as healthful as food contaminated with DDT. —Nicholas Dodman, professor at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine If you are looking for more talking points why U.S. legislators should enact H.R.961 and S.2006 (the "SAFE Act"), outlawing horse slaughter on U.S. soil and outside the U.S., this is an excellent one.… Continue reading Quote of the Day

Slaughter of U.S. horses in Canada

Three horses looking straight ahead. Photographer unknown.

In a phone call to the CFIA, we were told that just under 24,000 U.S. horses were slaughtered in Canada in 2018. See the overall numbers of horses slaughtered in Canadian plants for 2008 through 2016 here. Also in 2018, we found that nearly 66,000 U.S. horses were transported to Mexico for slaughter. TAKE ACTION… Continue reading Slaughter of U.S. horses in Canada

Calendar rule moves bills with 290 cosponsors past Comittee

THE HOUSE Did you know H.R.6 of the 116th Congress (2019-2020) provides for: creating a Consensus Calendar, which provides an alternative path to a floor vote for measures with 290 or more cosponsors If you saw our post "Died in Committee" back in May you see just how momentous for us the Consensus Calendar is.… Continue reading Calendar rule moves bills with 290 cosponsors past Comittee

John Hettinger: Where Would All the Horses Go?

When we started The Horse Fund the first and foremost issue we tackled was horse slaughter. One of the recurring arguments against banning horse slaughter especially from people within the horse industry was, where would all the horses go? They are still it asking now. On the home page of our original website we featured… Continue reading John Hettinger: Where Would All the Horses Go?

Talking points about horse slaughter

It isn't right to assume that everyone has heard about horse slaughter and why it exists. We have been working against it for so many years, we sometimes forget that. So let's look at some talking points about the slaughter of horses for human consumption, with particular ones relevant to H.R.961/S.2006 (the "SAFE Act of… Continue reading Talking points about horse slaughter

The Legislative Process (video)

The Legislative Process It can be very challenging yet rewarding to take part in the legislative process, working to shape and enact laws that are just and fair. You do this every time you take part by contacting your federal legislators in Washington to sponsor or oppose bills pending before Congress. Learn how it works… Continue reading The Legislative Process (video)