Remembering Mongolian Groom

The off hind leg of Mongolian Groom fractures at the Breeder's Cup and he is taken off of he track and destroyed.

Whenever we think of the bill still pending before Congress that would result in the creation of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority our thought turns to Mongolian Groom. Here's a replay of an event from last year. It illustrates that American racehorses have absolutely no friends within the industry. Training videos suggest Mongolian Groom… Continue reading Remembering Mongolian Groom

Santa Anita’s racehorse dozen of the dead

Santa Anita Entry Gate. By David McNew. Getty Images.

As of this writing, a dozen horses who raced at Santa Anita are among the U.S. racing dead. JANUARY 1 Golden Birthday 4-year-old Golden Birthday, died after being injured during a January 1 race, becoming the first horse to die at the Santa Anita racetrack in 2020. CNN » JANUARY 7 Buckstopper Kit Buckstopper Kit… Continue reading Santa Anita’s racehorse dozen of the dead

Santa Anita kills its 11th racehorse since December

A lone horse canters on the dirt track at Santa Anita. USAToday.

We changed NPR's published title which was "11th Racehorse Dies At Santa Anita Park Since December," to the title above. Here's why. It's subtle, we know, but when reports say a racehorse dies or has died at a racetrack it sounds like it couldn't be helped, or that the horse was somehow at fault. This… Continue reading Santa Anita kills its 11th racehorse since December

Governor’s office says Santa Anita can continue racing during coronavirus pandemic

Remember when Governor Newsom was all for closing down Santa Anita? Newsom has backtracked quite a bit, but nothing like he is doing now. Let us not trick ourselves into believing it's all about racetrack personnel. Where was his concern then? In an article dated March 20, 2020, entitled "Governor's office says Santa Anita can… Continue reading Governor’s office says Santa Anita can continue racing during coronavirus pandemic

Doomed Mongolian Groom's vet cited again

Mongolian Groom. Sports Illustrated image.

It is amazing how horse racing keeps on going. Always, always the same repeat offenders. It is time, well past time, for horse racing "American style" to go. They — not people like us who care about these horses — have brought them here. Many more racehorse doping arrests will be made. What we… Continue reading Doomed Mongolian Groom's vet cited again

Md. lawmakers aim to save Pimlico while Pa. Gov proposes $200M cut

Old Grandstand seats at Pimlico racecourse, Baltimore, Maryland. Photo: Baltimore Sun.

Luke Broadwater, reporting for the The Baltimore Sun on Feb. 3rd writes: Maryland lawmakers introduced legislation Monday that would authorize up to $375 million in debt to rebuild the state’s two largest racetracks and keep the storied Preakness Stakes horse race in Baltimore. The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Guy Guzzone, chairman of the Senate’s Budget… Continue reading Md. lawmakers aim to save Pimlico while Pa. Gov proposes $200M cut