Wild Horse Fire Brigade on NPR

The Bureau of Land Management continues to strip our federally protected Mustangs from their rightful homes on America's public lands, destroying their herds. According to more than one expert, this is putting the country's public lands at great risk, particularly from wildfires. Enter the Wild Horse Fire Brigade. Listen » Wild Horses can keep wildfires… Continue reading Wild Horse Fire Brigade on NPR

Could horses be the solution to preventing wildfire?

"Could horses be the solution to preventing wildfire in our State"? — ABC News Ch. 15 Phoenix, AZ. 29th July 2022 PHOENIX — It's an out-of-the-box proposal brought on by William Simpson, who created the organization "Wild Horse Fire Brigade." His ideas have been circulating on social media. Through his research, he says he's found that horses… Continue reading Could horses be the solution to preventing wildfire?