Milkshaking at Santa Anita

No mistaking. There was milkshaking at Santa Anita, with a side order of doping, according to the New York Times. These things typically go unchecked like most of horse racing's unscrupulous activities. However, one would think the Santa Anita cheaters would have been a bit more subtle with a media "death watch" settled in at… Continue reading Milkshaking at Santa Anita

When a “scratched” racehorse is actually dead

Laurel Leaves with the text THE RACING DEAD in the center. Artwork by Vivian Grant Farrell for Tuesday's Horse.

Cross-posted from Horse Racing Wrongs by PATRICK BATTUELLO It's hard to say how many fatal paddock fractures and "sudden cardiac events" occur just prior to scheduled races, for these deaths are typically buried as mere "vet scratches" on the official race charts. Sometimes, though, insight comes from other sources, sources like California's publicly-posted stewards minutes.… Continue reading When a “scratched” racehorse is actually dead